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Road trips rule. Redwoods rock. And Redheads rejoice. Here’s Erika Foster of Eureka, CA posing for a shot I took that will be part of a new series of work I am developing. Connecting women, large groves of trees, and a non-profit that aims to save the world (and ultimately you and me, because let’s face it people – we care about our own existence a wee bit more than anything else).

If you have never been to the Humboldt Redwoods State Park just south east of Eureka…go, now. This is a place place filled with the most lush forests outside of the Amazon. In fact, in certain parts it probably does rival the Amazon considering that each day another 80 acres has burned to the ground. In these Redwood forests there are trees so large it takes 20 seconds just to walk around their trunks. Massive beasts, towering over you in their prehistoric glory. Some were just quaint trees during the birth of Jesus, if you believe in him, hopefully you don’t believe in the rapture because that sure as hell passed.


And the quiet.

It is so spectacularly quiet. I can’t really remember even hearing any birds, bees or anything, though I knew they were there, watching. What you see above is the direction I am going in for this series. Basically I will be hiring local women to come pose naturally in a dream-like setting in the forest. Eventually I will have collected enough images for a gallery showing and non-profit benefit. Anyone know of a ‘save the world’ non-profit that would like to help sponsor a show (and I am not talking Greenpeace here people, I have enough crazies harassing me from past Craigslist sales) ? I need something smaller, more grassroots, possibly even something to do with that abominably large floating island of plastic located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean… but then again it doesn’t seem like too many people even want to think about that (kind of like the mold that grows at the bottom of the trashcan), so I might just have to start my own org. Anyone want to be Vice President? There are many more shots to come, but I thought I would throw this out there to stir up yer tonsils.


7 thoughts on “Preview: Damsel in the Redwoods

  1. Karla says:

    You are so right! Road trips rock 🙂 plus they are much needed for sanity hehe Now I discovered your secret and I know where you get your inspiration! Beautiful items you make, I will make sure I stop to your store soon 🙂 Happy Monday!

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      @Karla – Haha well to be honest my inspiration comes from a lot of different sources. I find that the more I wander around and see new things the more ideas I get!

  2. rawqueen says:

    Road trips rule and redwoods rock!!! Just discovered your blog today via handemadeology. What amazing work you gift the world with. heading down to So Cal from Portland later this month. I will have to take the kids to go pet the tree “beasts”. Awesome shot thanks for the reminder.

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      @Rawqueen – thank you so much for your kind words. I plan to create and inspire others to start creating through this blog. I just started it up though but I have a ton of ideas so check back often. Have fun on your. Have fun on your road trip- I am sure you will love it just try to stay on highway 1 the entire way down, it takes longer but is soooooo with it.

  3. Kelsey says:

    I found myself on your website, via seeing your pieces on Etsy (just an FYI for marketing I guess). I was wondering your thoughts on the connection between woman and trees, or maybe a better question is what statement are you trying to make by connecting them? I work in a similar, but not at all similar subject matter (I don’t know if that makes any sense). Anyway, your photos are lovely.

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      @Kelsey – I checked out your work as well – and I love your beautiful paintings. I was trying to find them on etsy, are you selling any prints? As for the statement I am trying to make through this imagery, that is definitely a good question, and to be honest I am still working on finding the right angle. The shoot you see above was more of an impromptu production that ended up inspiring me to start developing a series of work around tree groves and women. Right now that is as far as the idea has gotten, though I do know I would love to tie it into local non-profits to build awareness of the environment around us. I think I am waiting for the right inspiration before I proceed with subsequent shoots. On that note – what inspires you to create your beautiful artwork?

  4. Kelsey says:

    I suppose I am inspired by change and growth, movement and space. I am interested in exploring my experience as a woman, exploring concepts such as beauty, equality, and femininity and stripping them down to something that is manageable for me to grasp. I don’t have any art on Etsy, just necklaces and soon some collage work (under Wyoming Creative). Good luck with your project! I will try to follow your progress and all the best.

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