Green Grass Necklace 01


Custom handcrafted from sustainable wood, this grass pendant resembles a small wooden planter. Nestled inside the planter is a patch of lush green grass that has been dried and preserved – no need to water or mow! Suspended from an antiqued brass chain, this necklace is eco-friendly and very unique.

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The Story:

Deep within the Redwood groves of Northern California, Mr. Lentz decided to unsaddle his horse and take a walk. This walk turned into a journey that ultimately left him inspired on the path towards making all-natural and eco-friendly jewelry…inspired by Redwoods. The use of color, form, texture and contrast in his pieces only begins to portray the essence of that magnificent forest.


The Ingredients:

The grass is all natural and has been dried and preserved for a very long life. You will not need to water or maintain it in any way. The wood has been stained with an all-natural and non-toxic water based stain. A final finish of pure organic extra virgin coconut oil has been rubbed onto this piece. Your necklace will be packaged in a minimalist style, saving trees by using entirely 100% recycled products. After receiving your package in the mail, simply retrieve your piece from the well-protected enclosure and recycle the rest, guilt free.


The Notes:

The Redwood series has been designed to be very small indeed, please take note of the extra included photographs above for size reference. The chain will be cut to 18 inches with an extra loop at 17 inches for those that like a tighter fit. The loop can easily be adjusted for any length as to your preference.


The Shipping:

This necklace will ship free to all U.S. 50 states. All international shipments will arrive via USPS first class mail.

Why buy from MR. LENTZ:

Every material used in the Mr. Lentz Shop is thought over, and over, and over again to asses its impact on the environment. Mr. Lentz uses upcycled and sustainable materials in his work. He stays far away from toxic elements, even creating his own dyes from vegetable matter. Mr. Lentz firmly believes in creating without destroying.

Every MR. LENTZ accessory is handmade from start to finish by one person, in one workshop, under one lamp. Each piece is designed, sustainably sourced, cut and assembled with extreme attention to even the smallest details.

Each item in the shop is one of a kind in terms of appearance and all are made to order as a limited series. Only a limited number will be available

Upgrade your Mr. Lentz leather purchase with custom stamped or branded name or initials, or even a word. Every leather item in the Mr. Lentz shop can be customized with stamped or branded letters. The most popular option for stamping/branding is using just two to three letters for the initials of the person the order is for. It’s a great idea for those giving wallets as a gift.

– In the text box for either “Stamped” or “Branded” enter up to 10 letters of your choice. The addon charge will automatically be added to your cart when you hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Please do not leave any other notes, as Mr. Lentz cannot accept customization at this point, and it may delay the process.

This process uses cold hammering to impress the letters into the leather.

In true cowboy style – your initials or name can be burnt into the leather creating a sharp and very stylish addition. A branding iron is heated to over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, then the leather is impressed until a nice rich, dark brown brand occurs.


– A limit of 10 letters may be used as well as these symbols   .  +  –  [  ]
– Currently I can only stamp/brand one string of letters, making only one name or word
– The stamp/brand will be surrounded by a diamond mark on each end as shown in the photos
– The location of the stamp/brand is relative to each item, but for all wallets – they will be made on the interior of the wallet, on the right hand side – right above the numbers.
– If requesting branding on the Desert Night Dark color option, please be aware that the mark will not have the contrast as seen in the photos. It will be dark on dark and Mr. Lentz suggests selecting the Stamped option for best results.

Branding a Leather Wallet