Minimal Leather Wallet – Slim


5.00 out of 5

The thinnest minimal leather wallet that exists, plus it’s stylish too. All of my wallet designs are as minimal as possible, taking away the bulk in favor of a lightweight, durable and super functional way to carry your cards and cash. It will fit easily into your front pocket…without the bulk. See below for more details.

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Minimal Leather Wallet – Slim

- Hand cut top-grain vegetable tanned leather (the finest around)

- Detailed edge work – All-natural, non-toxic and hand made dyes in five colors

- Hand conditioned with extra virgin olive oil, walnut oil and beeswax

- Hand riveted for maximum durability and a very long life


SIZE: All wallets will fit 3 to 4 credit cards on each side, 8 total. The American, Canadian and Australian wallet measures approximately 3 x 4 inches (76mm x 101mm)  when folded. The British Pound and Euro wallet are about 13 mm taller than the American, Canadian, Australian wallet. They measure about 90mm x 101mm when folded. The British Pound and Euro Wallet is designed to fit the largest bank notes in the currency. If you only need to fit medium and small sized bills, please select the Yen size. The Yen and Yuan wallet measures about 82mm x 101mm when folded.


Why buy from MR. LENTZ:

THE MATERIALS Every material used in the Mr. Lentz Shop is thought over, and over, and over again to asses its impact on the environment. Mr. Lentz uses upcycled and sustainable materials in his work. He stays far away from toxic elements, even creating his own dyes from vegetable matter. Mr. Lentz firmly believes in creating without destroying.

THE CRAFT Every MR. LENTZ accessory is handmade from start to finish by one person, in one workshop, under one lamp. Each piece is designed, sustainably sourced, cut and assembled with extreme attention to even the smallest details.

THE UNIQUENESS Each item in the shop is one of a kind in terms of appearance and all are made to order as a limited series. Branding a Leather Wallet Branding a Leather Wallet

Upgrade your Mr. Lentz leather purchase with custom stamped or branded name or initials, or even a word. Every leather item in the Mr. Lentz shop can be customized with stamped or branded letters. The most popular option for stamping/branding is using just two to three letters for the initials of the person the order is for. It’s a great idea for those giving wallets as a gift.

- In the text box for either “Stamped” or “Branded” enter up to 10 letters of your choice. The addon charge will automatically be added to your cart when you hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Please do not leave any other notes, as Mr. Lentz cannot accept customization at this point, and it may delay the process.

This process uses cold hammering to impress the letters into the leather.

In true cowboy style – your initials or name can be burnt into the leather creating a sharp and very stylish addition. A branding iron is heated to over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, then the leather is impressed until a nice rich, dark brown brand occurs.


- A limit of 10 letters may be used as well as these symbols   .  +  -  [  ]
- Currently I can only stamp/brand one string of letters, making only one name or word
- The stamp/brand will be surrounded by a diamond mark on each end as shown in the photos
- The location of the stamp/brand is relative to each item, but for all wallets – they will be made on the interior of the wallet, on the right hand side – right above the numbers.
- If requesting branding on the Desert Night Dark color option, please be aware that the mark will not have the contrast as seen in the photos. It will be dark on dark and Mr. Lentz suggests selecting the Stamped option for best results.

Branding a Leather Wallet

3 reviews for Minimal Leather Wallet – Slim

  1. Sam
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    A beatifully crafted wallet. Exactly what i was looking for, high quality leather and so slim you dont even notice it in the back pocket of your skinniest chinos. After recieving this i was straight back on Mr Lentz’ site looking for more leather goods. Thanks for the leather treatment as well! It will keep the wallet looking amazing for years to come

  2. Mike
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    An amazing firm piece of leather. Very stylish yet sturdy. Has the look and feel of a wallet that could last a lifetime. I’m looking forward to the occasion when I gift this wallet ….I love it.

  3. Brian
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    From the moment I opened the package I knew this wallet was exactly what I wanted. Crafted with care, extremely sturdy, simply a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Everyone I have shown the wallet to has asked me to give them a referral to Mr Lentz. Will definitely do future shopping here.

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